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Cookie policy

As part of our Auction Brokerage Platform, Load & Pay takes your privacy and the protection of your personal data very seriously and takes all reasonable precautions to do so. To this end, we have prepared two documents to inform you about how we collect, use and protect your personal data in connection with our various services:

  • a policy dedicated to the Load & Pay service that we offer via our Platform and that you can consult by clicking on this link;
  • and this Privacy Policy applicable specifically to the cookies we use on said Platform, complementary. 

The purpose of these policies is to inform you about what we do with the personal data and information you wish to entrust to us, why we collect it and how we ensure its security.

In this case, this cookie management policy aims to provide you with all the useful information regarding the cookies used by our Platform.

The term "we" or "us" as used in this Privacy Policy refers to Load & Pay. 

In the rest of this document, we use the terms "personal data", "personal data" and "personal information" to refer to information that identifies you personally (surname, first name, business address, etc.) or, as in this case, data that is linked to you (answers to questions on the form), as well as data on connection to our site (if applicable, IP address, date and time of connection) and data on browsing our platform

You can modify the choices you have made about cookies relating to your navigation on our site by going to the dedicated screen that we make available to you on our Platform.

1.    What is a cookie?

Cookies are files, often encrypted, that are stored in your browser. They are created for a limited time when a user's browser loads a particular website: the site sends information to the browser, which then creates a text file. Each time the user returns to the same site, the browser retrieves this file and sends it to the website server. 

The information stored by cookies includes the pages you visit, the type of browser you use, your IP address, and even information you have entered on a site so that you do not have to re-enter it. 

2.    What cookies do we use?

Generally speaking, cookies can be of different types depending on their purpose:

  • technical cookies essential for connection or allowing identification (avoiding having to identify yourself again when you use our Platform from the same device without having logged out);
  • cookies that offer functionalities to optimize navigation or the appearance of our Platform (e.g. changes in text size, personalized pages);
  • statistical or performance cookies that allow us to know the performance of our Platform, to establish statistics on the volume of visits and use of the contents and to detect any anomalies in its functioning. The information collected is aggregated so that it is made anonymous: these cookies do not collect information about identified individuals ;
  • advertising cookies to present you with offers and information tailored to your interests while you are browsing the Internet;
  • cookies from social networks to allow the sharing of specific content.

Cookies can be session specific, being stored in your browser only during your browsing session, i.e. until you leave the Platform and being deleted afterwards.

Some of them may also be persistent: they remain in your browser after the session (unless you specifically delete them).

The use of the majority of our cookies is based on our legitimate interest in improving the functioning of our Platform, ensuring its proper functioning, as well as allowing audience measurement or sharing on social networks.

Some cookies will only be deposited with your consent, in accordance with the recommendations of the CNIL.

To better understand our Users and improve our Platform, we use:

  •  technical cookies that are essential to the operation of the site;
  • cookies offering functionalities for optimising navigation or the appearance of the site (e.g. changes in text size, personalised pages);
  • statistical or performance cookies that allow us to know the performance of the site, to establish statistics on the volume of visits and the use of content and to detect any malfunctions. The information collected is aggregated so that it is anonymous: these cookies do not collect information about identified individuals.
  • Google Analytics, either cookies from statistical or performance cookies, which require your consent to function, given their degree of accuracy and their retention period

3.    Do you have to consent to the deposit of cookies?

In accordance with applicable legislation and CNIL guidelines, we will obtain your prior consent before depositing any cookies that require it, in this case Google Analytics, which is provided as standard with our hosting.

Cookies that do not require your prior consent are implemented on the basis of our legitimate interest. According to the analysis of the CNIL, these are the cookies that:

  • are used exclusively to compile anonymous and uncorrelated statistics on the number of visitors and to carry out tests to measure the relative performance of different versions of the site, and have a life span of less than 13 months; 
  • and those whose sole purpose is to enable or facilitate communication by electronic means or which are necessary for the provision of an online communication service at your express request.

4.    How do you set your cookies?

We offer you a specific screen dedicated to this purpose, accessible from all pages of the site via a dedicated icon at the bottom left of the page.

You also have the possibility of intervening directly on the parameter setting of your Internet browser. Your browser's help menu will tell you how to express or modify your cookie preferences, knowing that you can delete any cookies that are already on your computer, and you can configure most browsers to prevent them from appearing. In this case, however, you may have to manually set certain preferences each time you visit a site and some services and features may not work.

For more general information about cookies and how to disable them in your browser, visit www.allaboutcookies.org.

In addition, the help menu of your browser will allow you to know how to express or modify your preferences regarding cookies.

5.    What are your rights? 

In accordance with Article 13 and Articles 15 to 22 of the GDPR, we will endeavour to enable you to exercise your rights in relation to the personal data you entrust to us.

As such, and within the limits provided for by the texts, you benefit from the possibility: 

  • to be informed in a comprehensible way about the processing of your data that is carried out;
  • to request access to your data;
  • to request that your inaccurate or incomplete data be corrected;
  • to request the deletion of your data;
  • to object to or request a restriction of the processing of your data;
  • to exercise your right to the portability of your data concerning the Google Analytics cookies, knowing that these being hosted on your machine, you can directly implement this right yourself;
  • to provide instructions on the retention, deletion and disclosure of your personal data after your death;
  • to withdraw your consent to the processing of data at any time insofar as consent is the legal basis for the processing in question, i.e. google analytics cookies.

You may lodge a complaint with the Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés (CNIL), 3 Place de Fontenoy, TSA 80715, 75334 Paris Cedex 07, France. 

6.    How do I exercise my rights?

To exercise your rights, you can contact Load & Pay:  

  • by email: info@load@pay.com 
  • by mail to the following address Load & Pay, 30 avenue Alexandre Flemming, 38300 Bourgoin-Jallieu, France.

7.    Privacy Policy of our Platform

We remind you that it is in our policy dedicated to the Load & Pay service that we offer via our Platform that you will find the details of your rights on your personal data, the means to exercise these rights or the persons to whom your data are transferred, as well as the degree of security that we ensure them.

This version of the Cookie Policy has been updated as of October 15, 2021.