Sell my car at auction

Sell my car at auction

With Load and Pay, there are no visits or calls from curious shoppers, no endless negotiations! In less than 2 weeks, you will know if your vehicle is sold.

Placing an ad on our platform is completely free. However, once your reserve price is reached, you are committed to selling your vehicle. This is why it must not be put up for sale via another channel before the end of the auction period. If you notice any problems with the vehicle after it has been uploaded, please contact Load and Pay immediately to explain the situation.

Administrative checks

In the same way that we require a credit card imprint from bidders to avoid "ghost buyers", it is our duty to carry out certain checks on sellers.

When you enter your ad, you will be asked for:

  • A copy of your identity card and the vehicle registration certificate if you are a private seller;
  • A copy of your ID, the vehicle registration certificate and an official company registration document if you are a professional seller.

These documents will never be communicated to potential buyers or sent to third parties. They will be kept by Load and Pay in compliance with statutory provisions, in particular the GDPR regulation.

Beautiful pictures for beautiful auctions!

Bidders cannot physically see your vehicle. You must therefore be honest and transparent so that the sale goes through at the time of the contact with the buyer. Before filling out your sales file, please note that Load and Pay requires a minimum of 30 photos for each vehicle: exterior, interior, possible defects, etc. To maximize the interest of buyers, we invite you to download our Tips for a successful shoot.

Setting your reserve price

To facilitate the sale of your vehicle, all auction amounts entered on Load and Pay include our 5% commission, paid by the buyer. You must therefore take this commission into account when setting your reserve price.

Example: if you want to sell your vehicle for a minimum of €25,000, your reserve price should be €25,000 / 0.95 = €26,315.

Also, be realistic in setting this amount. Load and Pay reserves the right to refuse a bid that has no chance of success due to a reserve price inconsistent with the market value of the vehicle offered. Find more tips on reserve pricing in our FAQ.

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